MEP & HVAC Contactors in Dubai


MEP & HVAC Contactors in Dubai

Mechanical Services :

Pumps Systems

Greasing of pipe and engine systems

System installation and maintenance

Engraving and Ornamental works

Electrical Services

Overload system checks

Wiring and incorrect wiring checks

Appliance checks and maintenance

Site presence and maintenance

Distribution board and control panels maintenance

CCTV, alarm, and switchboards

Plumbing Services

Internal and External plumbing

drainage checks and dislodging

sump pumps

rainwater drains

High-pressure plumbing


HVAC Systems

Air conditioning

Managing Fresh air/handling fresh air systems

Fan coiling units

Heat Exchangers

Heat recovery wheels

Managing garbage chute systems and extraction

Other Technical Services

Technical drawing and conception

Technical project costing

Technical modelling 

Technical design correction

Technical budgeting and forecasting

Other Services

Part-time technical works

On-call technical repairs and maintenance

Special technical works

High-risk technical maintenance

Heavy-duty maintenance